Dec. 30th, 2009

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Sometime back, we organised and paid for an architect to do a renovation/new building report on the property. We spent quite sometime chatting to him and discussing what we wanted, what was important and what was less so. We also spent about an extra hour or so making out a list of what the various functions the rooms had to fulfil - note that not all functions needed separate rooms. He requested that we do this.

We emailed him this list and his spam filter promptly ate it - evidently it has blacklisted all iinet. So, that put the report behind schedule (though note that we were the ones who chases it up to see what had happened). We were then promised the report on the 23rd December and it did come through on the 24th.

The two absolutely important and non-negotiable things (especially if we were having it designed) were a large walk-in pantry and two walk-in robes in the main bedroom. He did hear us say this - we said it often- and he even mentioned it in the report. The report contained 3 rough drafts of floor plans. Did any of them have a walk-in pantry? Well, no - not unless you combined it with the laundry. In fact, I couldn't see a way of giving any of the designs such a pantry - and I'm getting good at working out ways to do that.

But surely, you might think, there will be the double walk-in robes. But no.

Add to that that we discussed cost and he asked if our upper limit was really an upper limit and we said yes, definitely. So the cheapest version began at our upper limit and they just got more expensive from there.

Now, I know that we didn't have as much money to play with as we would have liked, nor as much as an architect would have liked, but that's just silly. So it looks as if we'll be going for a project home. Good thing we didn't stop looking at those. We now have 3 contenders - all of which are in our price range (even allowing for site costs, Basix, council etc.) More update later.


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