May. 5th, 2010

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So lj is really behind. To summarise:
I have a new job. It's still at the same place, but now I'm down in the labs doing testing. It also means I'm working 5 days a week and I do miss the extra day off that I used to have. How do I get everything done now?

Anyway, I have a few weeks to get up to speed in fridge testing. This has been slightly complicated by a NATA inspection this week and a lot of extra work pertaining to a certain fridge that has been in the news recently (ok - before Easter, but it's still recent from my point of view).

I'm actually quite enjoying the change. There's a lot to do and to organise, but it's a different challenge and I do like working in the laboratory. I guess that's why I did science in the first place. I just wish the place hadn't been inhabited by TALL men for the last umpty-ump years. There's an amazing amount of stuff that requires a stepladder.

I'll update on the house in a specific post, but, of course, that's taking up time as well.

In addition, I've been doing consultant work occasionally and that recently saw me up in Brisbane for a day and I'll be in Canberra this Friday. Only flying visits - literally for Brisbane - so I won't be able to catch up with anyone this time. I was hoping to have had the weekend to visit with my parents and maybe socialise a bit, but it's the same weekend as May Crown and I'm doing Lists, so need to be there bright and early on Saturday morning.
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Yes, things are still happening but no, we haven't moved yet.

We got a copy of the final plans to check. There were quite a few things that had been missed that were in the draft plan, but we got that sorted out and a few other minor changes. You remember that I mentioned that the council required that the ground floor be taller than the base house plan. Turns out that this was very useful, even though it cost us (will cost us) a considerable amount of extra dosh. Because the ground floor ceiling is higher, so is the garage roof. This means that we can have higher doors on the garage. When we checked the original size, we would only have had about 1cm clearance for the van. Now we have plenty.

All of the extra changes (including the change in the garage door height, wider door for the front entry, change to the ensuite shower screen, window size changes) added very little to the overall cost as there were some deletions and some had been included in the original costing.

So final final plans now being prepared to send in for various approvals - BASIX, NaTHERS and Council.


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