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We've now got a firm quote on both the demolition and the house itself - including site costs, BASIX and possible extras. Looks like we can afford a new house - though we may be short of floor coverings for a while.

The quote includes the changes to the floor plan that we requested which is all good. There are a few tweaks that we have to sort out before the final plans, but they are all minor things like window placements and type.

For those interested, the main changes we requested were a door from the main bedroom into the 2nd bedroom, the addition of a real walk in pantry, the removal of the half wall between the dining room and the rear living area, the addition of a shower to the downstairs bathroom and the outside door to the laundry to be a door, window combo rather than a sliding door. To meet council regulations, the entry and study were extended forward another 30cm.

Why those changes? Obviously, to get the 2nd walk-in robe, we had to fiddle a few things and decided to sacrifice part of bedroom 2 for that. We'll put in the partition ourselves so that it can be easily removed if required. The walk-in pantry is at the base of the kitchen and goes the full width. The actual kitchen will go from there to the back of the house. Removing the half wall makes that living/dining area into a nice open space again now that the kitchen has grown. The downstairs shower is to allow the option of turning the front study into a small bedroom in case at any stage someone can't cope with the stairs. The laundry door change is to allow us to adapt a window for cat entry (have to keep all family members in mind).

Finally, the extra 30 cm is to meet the council regs that the garage must have at least a 30 cm setback from the main part of the house. There was much discussion about this as it looked as though the upstairs sitting room (read library/music room) would end up being a very odd shape as the first option was just to extend the study. We said that we would really like to keep the symmetry of the sitting room, and the designers came up with the option of extending both, this allowing the whole width of the upstairs to be extended by the 30 cm - so we will end up with a bigger room upstairs as well.

So we are now finally at the stage where we have to start shelling out a bit of cash. In the scheme of things, this first payment is only a small deposit of a few thousand dollars to convince them that you're serious enough for them to start on the site survey and all the other information that will be required to submit the plans to council. Still, when you start paying out money it's another major landmark. Of course, we haven't paid it yet as we need to carefully read the quotation before signing it, but I don't think there are likely to be any serious problems.
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