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Apr. 10th, 2010 11:21 pm
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Although you probably didn't realise that I was gone. But, it was Easter and that means Rowany Festival (a SCA camping event). Because it requires a fair bit of preparation before and unpacking, washing etc after, S and I took the 2 weeks around Easter off work. Theoretically, that gave us Saturday to Tuesday to get organised to get up there on Wednesday - plenty of time.

Of course, theory didn't pan out. It never does for this type of thing, but this time it was way off. Saturday we farnarkled around and didn't get much done - but we'd allowed for that. What we hadn't allowed for was that we were both a bit unwell on Sunday - nothing drastic, but we basically didn't do much, still not too much of a drama - we had 2 more days, right? Except that it rained both of those days. I think the weather bureau called it occasional showers, but it amounted to 2 days of almost non-stop rain. Not always heavy, but enough to interfere with the packing.

However, we did manage to set off on Wednesday - somewhat later that we had originally intended, but we arrived on site in time to get all the tents up. We had 8 to put up and got 5 of them done that afternoon and a whole lot of things set up inside them. We also got the problems with the hired pavilion sorted out. Last year they put our household's pavilion in another groups area, giving them 2 pavs and us none. Fortunately, there was a team of people who could help move it. This year, they put it half in our area and half in another groups area (not the same group as last year). This was solved by the steward team negotiating that we get that little bit of land, so it worked out.

By the time that was done and the tents were up, it was getting dark so we headed back home so that we could bring the rest of the as yet unpacked stuff along the next day. That stuff included all our garb for the weekend and our share of the food. Also got to write up all the last minute notes for [personal profile] electricant who looked after the cats while we were away.

We got back about midday Thursday and did more setup. The rest of the household turned up over the next few hours. I was cooking dinner that night and, of course, I'd forgotten a lot of the things that I needed, but it still worked out well. The soup I'd cooked at home the night before so it only needed reheating. The chicken tagine I'd forgotten some of the ingredients for, but substituted and made things up and it was actually a big hit. Must see if I can remember what I did. Dessert was marinated oranges.

Then followed a pleasant evening of chatting and drinking and catching up. I think we may also have gone to the tavern briefly. :)

The rest of Festival was pretty busy for me as I had Listing duties on Friday, Sunday and Monday as well as a Seneschal's meeting on Sunday morning. Household was wonderful and kept me fed when these duties carried over lunchtime. One side effect of all the listing was that I attended nearly all the courts that happened over Festival. One we made a special point of going to as one of our household was getting an award (Silver Pegasus). Three of them happened during breaks in the Fighter auction tourney and they were all peerage awards and it was great that I was there as my friend [profile] tyghra was Laurelled at one of them. Yay!! As it turned out, I was also at closing court as another member of our household won the fibre challenge so we all went up to see her get her prize. As the steward team was also called up, it was good that I was there for that, being part of said team.

After all the rain during out supposed packing, the weather during Festival itself was the best it has ever been at that site.Hardly any rain and most of that late at night. I hardly had to wear my new gummies at all! All in all, a very satisfying Festival despite the shaky start to preparations.

At the end, we managed to pack everything into the van (which performed valiantly on it's first major outing) and get everything home on one trip. That last few days have been spent unpacking and washing.
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