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Over Easter, we were emailed the detailed plans and should get the hard copies on Monday. Once these are to our satisfaction ans signed off, they can go to council and the next waiting stage begins.

We could sign off on them next week if they were all correct... but they're not. I think this draughtsperson was off with the pixies for some of the time. Some of the changes that we'd requested and were in the quotation were not in this 'final' version. So it will be at least another week before they even go in to council and that assumes no other hiccoughs.

Just checking my last house entry and realise that I haven't mentioned that we'll have to demolish the old garage after all. It will be too close to the house to allow them to put scaffolding up. While I'm sure there are ways around this, they indubitably cost, so the garage goes. However, we can keep the slab that it's on, so we can put something up on it later. As the old garage would have required a new roof, guttering, doors and windows, it probably won't cost us much more to put up a new one.

But one thing that is going to cost considerably more is the extra height in the ground floor that the council requires. While it will be nice to have the high ceiling downstairs, we thought we could have done other things with the $7k that it will cost us. But we've just discovered a reason why it's a good thing - it means that there is room to make the garage doors higher. This will allow us to fit the van into the garage as well as the car. Hooray for silver linings!
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