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Well, we're hoping that the DA will be approved sometime this week. And when that's done, we can get the necessary trees removed and the demolition organised while waiting for the construction certificate.

In order to make this as quick as possible, we set out the last 2 weekends to look at rental properties. We need a couple of weeks overlap in order to get things like air conditioners and ovens removed.

The whole rental market has changed considerably since I last looked to a rental over 20 years ago. Back then, you went into the agents in the area and asked what was available and they took you round to see them and you said I'll have that one please. Now, there are all sorts of hoops to jump through and they give you 10 minutes to look through the place. And the first couple we looked at there were about 20 other separate parties looking at the same time. With no real rental history, we weren't sure how we would go.

We did discuss putting in for a couple that we saw last week, but weren't enthusiastic enough to get the applications in on time. We did have a few criteria:
1) Total cost of rent and any extra storage we may require should be no more than $X/week.
2) They had to allow our cats.
3) Preferably not too far from our current address.
4) Not on a busy road and
5) Not too much mould - this last added after seeing one house that fit the other criteria but which we both decided we wouldn't live in it if they paid us!

So, this week we went out looking again, with a strict timetable so that we could fit them all in. One of them fit all our criteria (the only one so far). Not only that, but it had a few things that were in our 'nice to have' list - big back garden, air conditioning (we'll be there over a Sydney summer), an acceptable kitchen and off-street parking for both van and car.

the down side is that it was at the top end of our price scale, but we wouldn't need to rent any extra storage, so it did fit the requirement. So, we put in our application (emailed over the weekend) and got the response today! So we are soon to be the proud tenants! Actually, we'll be the first tenants. Not that it's new, but it was lived in by the owner beforehand. Don't know whether that was the current owner or if it was sold to an investor. Anyway, we are both surprised and happy that it turned out to be so easy.

Now to hope that the council plays ball and gets that DA completed RSN.


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