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It's been a busy few weekends - and some week nights - getting everything out of the old house. DA approval came through a few weeks ago, so we arranged the demolition date. That gave us a deadline of Monday 25th October.

It's not that there was very much more to go, as we'd moved out of the house about a month before, but those last little bits can take so much time.

One of the things we were intending to do was take most of the old kitchen (only 3 years old, after all) and reuse the cupboards and such in various areas about the new house. This, of course meant removing them and storing them.

Turns out that they made these things of about the heaviest grade wood product they could get. The large cupboards, while they were whole, were a hard carry for 2 pretty strong men. And they are over 2 metres tall, so they were also hard to transport. We realised that we really had no storage left for these tall ones at the rental and that, realistically, they wouldn't easily find a place in the new house either. But we were a bit reluctant to leave them to be demolished.

Fortunately [profile] little_foxy and X came to our aid. A large part of Sunday afternoon and a bit of the evening was spent reducing the kitchen to its component parts and fitting it into their trailer. All without power available in the house! All we have kept of the kitchen is the very thin spice cupboard and the peninsula bench!

After this we celebrated with pizza and various beverages and they took their very heavy trailer home very carefully. :)

On Monday morning the demolition did, indeed begin. Yes we are taking photos. Yes, it is a bit sad.


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