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I should mention that choir has started again. We're doing the Schubert 'Mass in G' and Mozart 'Coronation Mass'. Both works I've not sung before so that is a plus. There are a few other smaller pieces in there as well. We have our new conductor this year - we've been trying out conductors for 18 months or so. Pretty much all of them were good. Choosing was made a bit easier for the committee by some of them taking up other positions or being otherwise unavailable.

We also got the CDs of the last concert. Damn good. A couple of uncertain entries, but not many and the Jenkins is really powerful. Sarah (the conductor of that concert) did a great job with the diction. I think the words are as clear as I've heard any large choir sing - and better than a lot of smaller choirs as well.

Of course, SCA is in full swing again as well. Somehow, I don't think I'll get any sewing done before Festival. Well, last year's garb is still wearable, and there was almost enough to last for the whole time. :)
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was my weekend. Not that I expected it to be awful, but the signs were there that it could be ordinary to frustrating. Saturday was slated as a choir rehearsal with the chamber group beginning at 11.45 with an hours rehearsal and lunch before the main choir came along.

Well, I woke late, hurriedly got ready and knew I'd be late anyway. About halfway to the venue, I realised that council elections were on and I hadn't voted - couldn't remember what time the polls closed. At the tollway exit, there was a long line at the exit I needed to take because that particular exit doesn't have a tag only lane. And a t the university, it was open day and instead of easy parking, it was a madhouse.

I was going to be really late!

But, as it turned out, the conductor was even later having had the same traffic problems but also taking the wrong exit from the motorway. So things started to turn around as far as the day was concerned.
Open Day meant that it was easy to get food on campus, I wandered around at lunchtime and found a copy of a book I'd been looking out for and found that the co-op bookshop could still find my number so I got the discount. Rehearsal finished early enough for me to get to the polls before they closed and it was a beautiful afternoon!

And it turned into a beautiful evening. When I got home S and I sat in the garden and had a beer. Then, it still being a beautiful balmy spring evening, we thought we'd finish off the half bottle of red wine left from the previous night before I made dinner. That was so pleasant that, it still doing the balmy evening thing, we decided to open another bottle. Still later, still balmy, we decided to order pizza and just continue to enjoy the evening. Just being able to decide to take the night off on the spur of the moment was particularly pleasant after the busyness of the last few weeks.

And on Sunday, we headed off, armed with all the info from Choice, to buy a new dryer. We expected to have to do a lot of shopping around and possibly to have to wait for delivery. But no, one of the ones we were interested in was in stock at the first shop we went to and at a good price. All we had to do was pick it up from the warehouse just a short drive away. So, as we were out anyway, we decided to have a look at a few toys - the computer relate kind and spent a little bit more money an a high res scanner and a wireless router.

Later in the evening, we went and watched The Mummy 3 in Gold Class just because we felt like it.

Ok, it was a very self-indulgent weekend, but it was good.
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Tonight the choir I'm in ( MUS ) is going to be on ABC local radio - a few times between 7.30 and 10 p.m.

This link lets you know what it's all about.


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