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Started for me on Thursday evening when we caught up with [profile] i_ate_my_crusts and [personal profile] electricant for dinner and shopping (stationery as it turned out). Friday I got to sleep in and then farnarkle around long enough that I had to rush to get the supplies I needed to make something for Dancing Cooks that night.

'Dancing Cooks' was very strange as we had no dancing teacher, but we had 4 musicians. So it was rehearsal for them and the rest of us tried to remember the dance steps- some more successfully than others. After that, we went out clubbing with some friends up from Tassie (and a few other mutual friends). I discovered that, if I wear earplugs, I can actually stand to stay inside and dance for more than ten minutes. Other times I've tried, my ears would start to hurt. Now just to find a place that plays decent music... (No, I don't mean old music, just stuff that doesn't all sound the same and isn't all at the same tempo - or put together by djs that aren't trying to dance to it!)

So, in bed by 4 in the morning, but not by much. We were heading off to the B&B's 5th anniversary picnic the next morning - so it was well in the afternoon by the time we got there, but we managed to run into some other friends ([profile] tqd and family) while we were shopping for picnic food and books in Newtown. Picnic was relaxed and fun and Observatory Park is a lovely place that doesn't seem too busy - though maybe the wind was keeping the crowds down.

We went home and grabbed an hour or so of much-needed sleep before heading off to see Cirque du Soleil's "Dralion". The whole experience was awesome! We had lashed out and gone for the 'Tapis Rouge' tickets and that just added tot he feel of the evening - that and having payed for them so far in advance that the pain had faded. :) Free parking, free alcohol (red & white wine, champagne, beer and some soft drinks) and nibbles (sushi, chinese pork buns etc) and a few other bits and pieces - not to mention good seats! And the show was just wonderful! Styvyn asked me today what my favourite bit was and I really can't decide. Although the show is certainly influenced by eastern art forms, it really is a fusion and the music, except the drumming, was more influenced by european forms than asian ones but the show worked as a whole - even the clowns. All I can say is that my inner child came out happy as well as did the outer adult. Go see it if you have a chance!


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