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After much discussion, we finally decided to get a Wii-Fit and see whether it worked for getting us to do a bit more midweek exercise. We certainly played with it a lot tonight, but time will tell whether it will fill the bill. Interestingly, it appears I do not do particularly well on the initial balance tests but I do well on all of the other things that require balance. Go figure!
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Well, software really. Snow Leopard, iLife2009 and iWork2009 in my hot little hands today. Damn but I won't get home after rehearsal till about 10 p.m.! I will resist the temptation to skip rehearsal.
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Of technology. Sitting at chocolate shop sipping my coffee after a very pleasant walk along the riverside but still able to update my lj & listen to my music.

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I got my new 24" iMac last night! That screen is amazing!

My previous iMac is still alive - but fell over when I tried to upgrade to Tiger (bot even the most recent OSX). Specs say it should work, and it does, until you try to do the online updates - then it falls over and strange things happen to the screen. It's been reinstated with Panther on it, but I decided to upgrade the whole system.

Of course, I'd backed everything up before attempting the upgrade but... well, I've forgotten the password for one of my iinet mailboxen. I have it written down in a notebook, so now if I could just find that... You may remember that lots of things got thrown in boxes during the kitchen renovation and then during the repair of the termite damage out the back.

But I have a shiny new toy! Unfortunately, I have no time to really play on it until after Alhambra Nights this Saturday.


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