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It's been one of those exhausting weekends.

Friday night was the dress rehearsal for the concert.

Saturday: Started to pack the kitchen up. At the same time, tried to prepare food for the destruction party the next day. A most frustrating experience (not the destruction, the food preparation in a kitchen that is starting to be spread around the house). During the moriong we had a very chatty electrician come to turn the power off to the kitchen, a skip delivered to take all the kitchen destruction rubbish and the wall gyprock etc delivered for relining the walls.

When the electrician took off some of the fittings, we discovered that large portions of the wall were fibro - the asbestos containing type. This required a trip to Bunnings to get protective equipment.

That evening, short rehearsal and major concert - Brahms' 'Ein Deutsches Requiem'. It's one of my favourite pieces of music, but it's not an easy sing and - at least for the sopranos - it's very high. While the top note is only a bflat (the one above the stave), the problem is that it stays high most of the time. The concert went very well. Back home after the concert to pack a bit more and then realise we were too tired to think and so fall into bed.

Sunday: up early to bake a cake (there's still power to the stove and it has two powerpoints on it) and continue to pack up kitchen. Marvelous friendsstart arriving and help to pack up kitchen.
Eventually comes the moment when everything is packed and moved, the doors are curtained to stop dust, and the walls - some of them anyway - have to come down and the cupboards be removed with extreme prejudice.

Many thanks to (in order of turning up) [livejournal.com profile] tatianitska and Daniel, [livejournal.com profile] little_foxy and Xavier, Jill and Paul, [livejournal.com profile] tyghra and Sihtric. Xavier's building expertise was invaluable and Sihtric's height and strength were much appreciated - especially when we were knocking down a pillar. Fortunately, the house didn't decide to fall down. Tyg took out some pent-up emotions on some unsuspecting cupboards, Paul & Jill packed the fibro into the requisite bags, the foxy one helped organise stuff and Tatya and Daniel provided dinner. Once again - thanks.

One unfortunate thing was Tatya's car being damaged by one of our neighbours reversing out of his driveway without looking carefully at the opposite side of the road. He did the right thing, however, and came looking for the owner and is prepared to pay money.

All in all, it was a good day in which I learned that I have wonderful friends (actually, I knew that already, but it's nice to have it shown to you again); that you never really want to look closely at the way your house is put together; that the holes in the floor let the buglies in; and that large numbers of buglies can decide to live in your walls.


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