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So, after 2 weeks of extreme discomfort - the details of which I'm not going into - I had a cystogram Friday last week to make sure the bladder was healed and not leaking. It was uncomfortable, but not as bad as the one I had when there was a tear in it. And on Monday, the specialist said it was ok to have the catheter removed and the nurse did it almost straight away. Oh blessed freedom!!

Of course, my bladder then had to get back into the real swing of things, but all seems to be going well. Now I'm more concerned about the appendectomy itself and whether all the abdominal spasms may have slowed the healing. However, I'm so much better than I was and I went to work for a half day on yesterday and today and was really only tired at the end of it. Hopefully I'll be able to do a full day of work next week - as long as work mainly consists of sitting at the computer. I still have a few weeks of no heavy lifting, which can be a bit difficult as 5 kg isn't really that much. I picked up one of the cats today and then realised that she would be pretty close to that limit.

Of course, now that I'm coming out of the brain fug induced by being unwell, I'm starting to think about all the things I need to do. Argh!
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If you don't want the details, I've had a nasty appendix removed with complications but am now recovering nicely. Gory details below as I'm too lazy at the moment to remember how to put it behind a cut.

Sitting on a chair in Westmead Hospital, recovering from very nasty appendix removal with complications. Times like this I'm very glad of private health cover. For those who want details, I had S take me to Westmead emergency on Monday night just before midnight as abdominal pain was becoming rather nasty. Long wait in emergency of course with things not getting any better. Dry heaves and blood - yucky stuff. They took bloods, waited soem more. Eventually had an abdominal xray and a doctor. Everyones best bet seemed to be gallstones or a kidney infection though the symptoms of none of those we typical either.

Eventually a senior consultant came along and ordered ultrasound which showed perfectly healthy kidneys and gall bladder. Consultant then insisted on a CT scan (I heard him on the phone to the CT people getting them to fit me in - turns out I was lucky as I had a senior and well-respected consultant). By this time it was about 4 pm on Tuesday afternoon)

After the CT scan, he came back with a very serious face. My first thought was that they hadn't found anything, but no - turns out they had found a very nasty appendix so then it was a matter of organising surgery. This finally happened sometime around midnight on Tuesday. By this time I'm losing track of time.

Woke up in recovery, I guess, but don't really remember it. But got wheeled around to my room - at times like this, I appreciate my private health cover - but really woozy all night. The next morning the surgeon comes and chats to me about it. Evidently stupid appendix was almost gangrenous and hiding behind and below the bowel and was only ever going to be visible on something like a CT scan. It had needed a lot of washing out with saline, so they'd left a surgical drain in.

I was doing quite well by this time until the nurse started to remove the drain as the surgeon had said could be done. After only a few minute of the drain being closed, I was in agony. Fortunately, she had the sense to open it up and ask a few questions. Anyway, it became clear that there was probably urine going into the drain and later tests indeed showed this. So last night I was in surgery again, at about the same time and with the same team with added urologist and radiographer.

Coming out this time I was much less woozy and less narcoleptic. Had real sleep, even though woken up every hour for vitals to be taken. Turns out that the drain had also pierced the bladder, so that's being fixed and things are looking up and I'll hopefully be able to go home tomorrow or Saturday.

At least now I'm internet connected.
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On Saturday morning we headed down to Canberra - via Elderslie (southwest of Sydney) to check out a few more display homes. It feels like we've been doing this a lot, but, in fact, most of the visits to display villages have been very short and fitted in between various other things that have been booked up for the weekends. I think we now have a few clear weekends to do some intensive investigation.

Anyway, there was another home that we wanted to check out at this particular display village and looked through a few other houses while we were there. It's a relatively small display area and there were only 12 houses to look at, so we looked at them all. The one we went to look at specifically was ok and a bit cheaper than the current front-runner, but it would require more alterations, so maybe not cheaper in the final analysis. We did see a couple of single storey houses that would be suitable - if only they didn't take up so much of the land. We want to keep as much of the garden as possible and a double storey does achieves this more easily, but we're certainly not counting singel storey out at this stage.

I've also signed in for a design report with Archicentre. If we can get something more suited to our needs for what we can afford, then it's all to the good. We'll see. At least it made me feel as if we'd actually done something constructive about the house rather than just looking at stuff, even though looking at stuff and doing the research is important.

The trip to Canberra was really just to catch up with my parents and to see how they were going. We hadn't made it down there since my father's birthday when he ended up in hospital. They both seem to be doing well. In fact, my mother is on new medicine that has her up and about again. Now she's moving much more easily and has put a bit of weight back on and is looking much better.

Sorry we didn't catch up with anybody down in Canberra, but I'll have more time over the Christmas when I'm down there for about a week. Doesn't look like S will be able to make it though, as he has to work. Poot!
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My busy weekend turned out to be not so busy after all. In fact, I slept a surprising amount of it. The cold took a turn for the worse on Friday evening. On Saturday I rang the teacher to tell her I wouldn't make the class - then went back to sleep - till about 2 p.m. That afternoon Styvyn rang and X and [livejournal.com profile] little_foxy to let them know we wouldn't make it there either. Fortunately, they managed to get someone from the wait list to take the class today.

Feeling much better now - just in time to go back to work.
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Although I didn't get up early, I did start my day with a bit of work on the Wii. It seems my body youthened by 10 years overnight. :)

All that is good, but this afternoon the cold that I've been fighting off for a couple of days decided to get serious, dammit! Walking around with a box of tissues permanently attached is not the most attractive look. to top it off, I've got a busy weekend with 2 days of jewellery workshop and a party to go to on Saturday night. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. Right now I feel as if I've aged 10 years. :(


Jan. 22nd, 2008 12:43 pm
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Is much the way I'm feeling at the moment. Think I'm coming down with something. Want to go home and sleep, but can't just yet. Might try and leave early today.


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