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It's been a busy few weekends - and some week nights - getting everything out of the old house. DA approval came through a few weeks ago, so we arranged the demolition date. That gave us a deadline of Monday 25th October.

It's not that there was very much more to go, as we'd moved out of the house about a month before, but those last little bits can take so much time.

One of the things we were intending to do was take most of the old kitchen (only 3 years old, after all) and reuse the cupboards and such in various areas about the new house. This, of course meant removing them and storing them.

Turns out that they made these things of about the heaviest grade wood product they could get. The large cupboards, while they were whole, were a hard carry for 2 pretty strong men. And they are over 2 metres tall, so they were also hard to transport. We realised that we really had no storage left for these tall ones at the rental and that, realistically, they wouldn't easily find a place in the new house either. But we were a bit reluctant to leave them to be demolished.

Fortunately [profile] little_foxy and X came to our aid. A large part of Sunday afternoon and a bit of the evening was spent reducing the kitchen to its component parts and fitting it into their trailer. All without power available in the house! All we have kept of the kitchen is the very thin spice cupboard and the peninsula bench!

After this we celebrated with pizza and various beverages and they took their very heavy trailer home very carefully. :)

On Monday morning the demolition did, indeed begin. Yes we are taking photos. Yes, it is a bit sad.
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Ok, maybe not completely random - some of them relate to the weekend.

1) [profile] zarabee is back and we got to hang out together for the weekend. It was a kick back and relax weekend for the most part. It's nice when you can still feel that comfortable with someone even when you haven't seen them for a year or so.

2) Friday was Dancing Cooks. The theme for the cooking was mediaeval fast food. As I was working that day and it was a bt rushed making the pies - the least relaxed part of the weekend. But it was fun and the leftover veal and fruit pie made a really yummy lunch on Saturday.

3) The kitchen splashback is now tiled - as is the hall floor. YAY!! One more step towards completion.

4) Beer is good (some of it anyway) and we all agreed that Blackwattle and Squires Golden Ale were worthy drops.

5) random question. Everyone has an MP3 player. People walk down the street with music playing that only they can hear. Wer can all have a soundtrack to our lives. But do we do this because we've become used to it from movies?
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Over the weekend, with help from [livejournal.com profile] little_foxy and X, we put the cornices up in the kitchen. One more step towards completeness. And, in the cause of honesty, I admit that X and S did most of the work while little_foxy and I supervised from a distance.

Now, just to get the tiler to return his phone calls.
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For those who might be wondering. We got the new window put in last Thursday. Now we just have to get the splashback tiling done and anything else (like the painting) is up to us. So close to being finished - but not. At least it's fully functional, but I'd really like it to be actually finished! Completely!
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Just a quick update - more later.

Last night I cooked the first real meal in our new kitchen (warming things up in the microwave doesn't count - nor do toasted sangers).

There's still lots to do - we decided we want to replace the window before we get the tiler to do the splashback and we still have lots of painting and stuff to do, but it's functional!!!

I have pics, but need to get them organised into before and after shots.
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as to what's happening with the kitchen.

We have floor. The tiler laid the tiles on Saturday and we're doing the grouting. We did about half last night and should finish tonight.

We also have walls - most of them anyway. Xavier and [livejournal.com profile] little_foxy came along last Sunday and helped put most of the wall lining in place. Well, Styvyn and Xavier did the work. Little_foxy and I spent most of the time talking and watching a DVD. There's really not a lot of room in that kitchen when two guys are wielding hammers. We all went out to dinner afterwards.

We have dates for the actual installation of the kitchen. It's being delivered next Monday, installed on Tuesday & Wednesday with final trades on Thursday. Then I'll habe my kitchen back!

Mind you, I hope they send a better electrician than they did to do the roughing. He really made a mess of the walls and left wires where they'll be plastered into the wall if we don't do something. In addition, he managed to almost electrocute himself! I think we'll go for our own electrician to put lights etc in.

As everything is happening next week, it was definitely time to organise the final few items - the canopy range hood, the sink and the tap. The range hood was organised - only delivery to be sorted out. The sink and tap have since been sorted with a little help from Xavier. All should be ready to go when the installers get here.

Yes, I have been taking photos. I'll probably put some of them up on Friday - assuming I can get to my computer.
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It's been one of those exhausting weekends.

Friday night was the dress rehearsal for the concert.

Saturday: Started to pack the kitchen up. At the same time, tried to prepare food for the destruction party the next day. A most frustrating experience (not the destruction, the food preparation in a kitchen that is starting to be spread around the house). During the moriong we had a very chatty electrician come to turn the power off to the kitchen, a skip delivered to take all the kitchen destruction rubbish and the wall gyprock etc delivered for relining the walls.

When the electrician took off some of the fittings, we discovered that large portions of the wall were fibro - the asbestos containing type. This required a trip to Bunnings to get protective equipment.

That evening, short rehearsal and major concert - Brahms' 'Ein Deutsches Requiem'. It's one of my favourite pieces of music, but it's not an easy sing and - at least for the sopranos - it's very high. While the top note is only a bflat (the one above the stave), the problem is that it stays high most of the time. The concert went very well. Back home after the concert to pack a bit more and then realise we were too tired to think and so fall into bed.

Sunday: up early to bake a cake (there's still power to the stove and it has two powerpoints on it) and continue to pack up kitchen. Marvelous friendsstart arriving and help to pack up kitchen.
Eventually comes the moment when everything is packed and moved, the doors are curtained to stop dust, and the walls - some of them anyway - have to come down and the cupboards be removed with extreme prejudice.

Many thanks to (in order of turning up) [livejournal.com profile] tatianitska and Daniel, [livejournal.com profile] little_foxy and Xavier, Jill and Paul, [livejournal.com profile] tyghra and Sihtric. Xavier's building expertise was invaluable and Sihtric's height and strength were much appreciated - especially when we were knocking down a pillar. Fortunately, the house didn't decide to fall down. Tyg took out some pent-up emotions on some unsuspecting cupboards, Paul & Jill packed the fibro into the requisite bags, the foxy one helped organise stuff and Tatya and Daniel provided dinner. Once again - thanks.

One unfortunate thing was Tatya's car being damaged by one of our neighbours reversing out of his driveway without looking carefully at the opposite side of the road. He did the right thing, however, and came looking for the owner and is prepared to pay money.

All in all, it was a good day in which I learned that I have wonderful friends (actually, I knew that already, but it's nice to have it shown to you again); that you never really want to look closely at the way your house is put together; that the holes in the floor let the buglies in; and that large numbers of buglies can decide to live in your walls.

Bad timing

Apr. 30th, 2007 01:35 pm
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It’s amazing how tiring it can be to spend money! Actually, it’s all the walking around. Saturday we looked at lights for the new kitchen. Finally found some – bought them. Then we went to Bunnings and bought various tools and bits for tiling. Then we bought the new canopy range hood (fortunately, they have a deliver policy that means we can get it delivered shortly before we need it). The World of Beers to buy some more Moo Brew and Blackwattle Beer.

Sunday saw us back at Bunnings getting fibre cement underlay for the tiles and a circular saw for all the things that will eventually have to be cut.

The rest of the weekend was spent on housework, pulling up flooring, laying out Australian Physics and Writing on the Wowld.

I need more time in my weeks, but I’m actually going to have less – for the next 6 weeks or so, anyway. My manager is going on 6 weeks leave and this means that I will be working full time over that period. The money will be nice (kitchens are expensive) but weekends are going to be a lot shorter and not very relaxing as can be seen from the timetable below – starting next weekend.

Weekend 1: Tiling the hallway, clearing out some of the kitchen cupboards, trying to find ways to make the house vaguely liveable over the next two months of renovation madness.

Weekend 2: May Crown, Mother’s Day (at least I’ll be in Canberra for it), Eurovision get together if we can make it.

Weekend 3: Rehearsal camp, Harvest feast, More rehearsal camp – meanwhile Styvyn moves furniture in part of kitchen, removes old flooring and tiles said area.

Weekend 4: Rehearsal, Do the stuff that didn’t get done earlier, Move more furniture and tile another part of kitchen.

Weekend 5: Rehearsal and Concert. Demolish remaining kitchen bits, a wall etc.

Weekend 6: Finish tiling kitchen, Eat out a lot.

Weekend 7: Catch-up – i.e. some of the things above will no doubt be running behind –this is catch-up weekend.

Hopefully, after that we can just hang around and wait for them to put the new kitchen in.

All this doesn’t include all the usual social things, putting together WotW, making garb, organising a feast (at least I’ll have a whole month after the kitchen goes in to check out the recipes, though it’s cutting it a bit fine), harp practice and the thousand an one other projects that I have planned.

It will all be worth it in the long run… and we must enjoy doing it because we’re already planning the next room for renovation. However, the hall will be a lot cheaper and less disruptive to renovate. 
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For some time I've been really frustrated by the bad design of my kitchen. Now that I'm doing more cooking, it's become a renovation priority (as opposed to maintenance priority). So we decided at a few weeks ago that we'd work towards getting it done this year.

It's something that requires a lot of decisions and research and so we thought we'd start looking at things fairly early on. This weekend, we thought we'd go out and look at flooring options and major appliances.

Now, the only major kitchen appliances that I want to buy new are the oven, cook-top and range hood. We spent a pleasant few hours wandering around various places. By the time we got to Harvey Norman we had a pretty good idea of prices. I knew what I'd really like (pyrolytic oven, ceramic cook-top with touch-control etc) and I knew that this was outside our budget.

We were only doing a price comparison at HN when we discovered that they had pretty much exactly what we wanted for not much more than we would pay for something much lower down the scale. The reasons why were complicated, but understandable. I won't go into details - suffice it to say that I thought the reductions were valid. A case of being in the right place at the right time - assuming that my credit card could take the damage (just).

As I'm not prepared to waste a significant portion of the warranty period with them sitting in a box, we've come up with a satisfactory interim option - so maybe in a few weeks, I'll have at least part of my new kitchen. Preparation space will still be at a premium, but at least the actual cooking and cleanup should be more satisfactory.

This is the second time that the 'right place and time' thing has happened to me regarding a major purchase. The last one was the car. That's worked out really well, so I'm hoping this one does as well.


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