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Saturday night we went to the moves to see Up. We both enjoyed it - though I still prefer Coraline if I had to make a choice, which I don't! We got to see the 9/15 pm session so no yelling kids, just a few smartarse teenagers but fortunately, they were a long way back.

Before the picture, we went out for dinner. There were a couple of new restaurants along the Parramatta restaurant strip, so we chose one of those. We decided early on that they must have had a cafe and decided to upgrade an it was his grandmother doing the cooking and the emergency relatives hauled in to help wait tables. We weren't far wrong - but it was his mother doing the cooking. :) Ok, the waiter amy not have been a relative, but as it was his first night, he certainly didn't know what he was doing and as there was no drinks menu, he couldn't even tell us what beer they had. That said, the food was quite good and there was a lot of it.

Some of you may be wondering how the two cats are getting along. The answer seems to be - it depends. They are getting used to each other and they don't usually fight as such, but they're both still a bit jealous of any attention the other gets - actually, Errol is most jealous, I don't think Stupid cares as long as he gets some as well. They have the very occasional hiss at each other, but not all the time so I think they're working things out.

The scary bit? Well, we're thinking of buying a new house or doing a knockdown and rebuild where we currently live. Either way it will be a big financial commitment. And yes, I know we just recently had the kitchen renovated, but there is so much that still needs doing and it will still be too small. Now that S has a permanent job (or at least as permanent as they get these days) and as we've been together now for quite a while, we're actually going for a joint mortgage. So we spent Saturday looking at houses for sale and Sunday looking at project homes. Not to mention the time I've spent on the internet researching stuff.

We actually found a house we liked on Saturday. Had a lot of room and heaps of under house storage. Fortunately a bit out of our price range or we might have been tempted to offer on it there and then. We're still thinking of it, but I doubt that they'd accept what we're prepared to offer.

Since then, we've been running the numbers and I think that it's actually cheaper for us to demolish and rebuild than to move - just not as convenient. On the other hand, you get something closer to the house you want. On the other other hand, you have to live in rental accommodation for some indefinite time. On yet another hand, transport is more convenient if we stay here... Sometime soon we'll have to make a decision one way or the other, but not tonight.
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Firstly, I did go and see 'Watchmen' on Friday night with [profile] i_ate_my_crusts and [personal profile] electricant and Styvyn. We had a pleasant, but not astounding dinner beforehand and then went to the movie. As we did it Gold Class, we were certainly comfortable and well provided for. :)

What was the movie like? Well, I enjoyed watching it and only had to shut my eyes due to unnecessarily graphic violence a few times - fewer times than I was expecting, anyway. I haven't read the graphic novel. I can see why it was ground-breaking in its day and understood all (well, I think all) the socio-political and philosophical subtext. I addition, I think that the cultural scene was set quite well and the soundtrack was stunning - not to mention pretty nostalgic for some of us - but at heart, it was really a boy's own adventure with lots of blood and gore and a little bit of sex. While the heroine obviously looked good and could kick but with the boys (but what's this walking through a burning building with your very long hair flowing loose) her main role seemed to be reminding the big blue guy that life is A Good Thing.

What I didn't do was have my parents around for lunch on Saturday. My brother was supposed to drive them up from Canberra for a visit, but managed to damage himself water-skiing - badly enough for 2 weeks of close to bed rest and 3 months of doing as little as possible so as not to put any strain on the cracked vertebra. Ouch!

On Saturday night, I did go out with a group of friends from the local SCA group. We went to the Bavarian Bier Cafe in Parramatta for a night of eating, drinking beer and schnapps and shouting at each other because it was so loud in there. I think we all had fun, though I'd really like it if they put some decent Australian beers on the list as well. I'm not as fond of the Bavarian style of beer as I used to be.

Sunday we didn't do much. Slept late and did some gardening in the afternoon.

And that was the weekend!
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was my weekend. Not that I expected it to be awful, but the signs were there that it could be ordinary to frustrating. Saturday was slated as a choir rehearsal with the chamber group beginning at 11.45 with an hours rehearsal and lunch before the main choir came along.

Well, I woke late, hurriedly got ready and knew I'd be late anyway. About halfway to the venue, I realised that council elections were on and I hadn't voted - couldn't remember what time the polls closed. At the tollway exit, there was a long line at the exit I needed to take because that particular exit doesn't have a tag only lane. And a t the university, it was open day and instead of easy parking, it was a madhouse.

I was going to be really late!

But, as it turned out, the conductor was even later having had the same traffic problems but also taking the wrong exit from the motorway. So things started to turn around as far as the day was concerned.
Open Day meant that it was easy to get food on campus, I wandered around at lunchtime and found a copy of a book I'd been looking out for and found that the co-op bookshop could still find my number so I got the discount. Rehearsal finished early enough for me to get to the polls before they closed and it was a beautiful afternoon!

And it turned into a beautiful evening. When I got home S and I sat in the garden and had a beer. Then, it still being a beautiful balmy spring evening, we thought we'd finish off the half bottle of red wine left from the previous night before I made dinner. That was so pleasant that, it still doing the balmy evening thing, we decided to open another bottle. Still later, still balmy, we decided to order pizza and just continue to enjoy the evening. Just being able to decide to take the night off on the spur of the moment was particularly pleasant after the busyness of the last few weeks.

And on Sunday, we headed off, armed with all the info from Choice, to buy a new dryer. We expected to have to do a lot of shopping around and possibly to have to wait for delivery. But no, one of the ones we were interested in was in stock at the first shop we went to and at a good price. All we had to do was pick it up from the warehouse just a short drive away. So, as we were out anyway, we decided to have a look at a few toys - the computer relate kind and spent a little bit more money an a high res scanner and a wireless router.

Later in the evening, we went and watched The Mummy 3 in Gold Class just because we felt like it.

Ok, it was a very self-indulgent weekend, but it was good.

Cool meme

Apr. 26th, 2007 03:25 pm
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Hoiked from [livejournal.com profile] electricant

Yes, it's marketing for a movie (which won't be out until December), but it's fun, and it keeps giving me cats.

I did it twice and got two different outcomes. I've put one in as changeable and one as not.

Mouse over to activate. You can have input to change Elissande's Daemon.

Corinna's Daemon )

Elissande's Daemon )
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Just came back from seeing 'Howl's Moving Castle'. Really wonderful. I liked the way things changes with mood and situation. Migh post more later.

And here are some interview questions from [livejournal.com profile] wenchilada. I won't repeat the meme as it was on my lj only a few posts ago.

1)Are you a morning person?
Hell no!

2)Who is your favourite superhero?
This one's hard - how do you define a superhero? Maybe Cohen the Barbarian.

3)Queen or Pink Floyd?
Definitely Queen, though I do like both.

4)The SCA - why?
While I'd heard of it before, I actually got involved because of Styvyn. Since then it's developed its own momentum as I've become involved. I like it because I can do all sorts of creative stuff. Mind you, I have no free time left.

5)What is your favourite song to sing?
Varies a lot with mood and with what the choir is rehearsing at the time. Nope, really can't answer that one - too many possibilities jostling around in my head.


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