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Yes, and it went just like that !

Friday night we went to one of our semi-regular DVD nights. We're currently watching Twin Peaks - please don't ask me what it all means!

Saturday was an all day rehearsal for MUS' upcoming concert. The rehearsal went pretty well - about as well as they do when you suddenly find yourself in a completely different venue with different acoustics and no longer being able to hear the same parts as you could before and then adding in an orchestra which plays parts you haven't heard before and an organ that doesn't seem to be able to do soft very well in the registration that you want it to play in.

But it is going to be a great concert. I was just a bit concerned when the theme was announced at the end of last year as Songs of Protest. I was concerned as I really didn't think I wanted to sing another lot of prettied up songs from the 60s protest era. Fortunately, it's not that. It's music as an expression of protest over the last 100 years or so. It has songs from the women's emancipation era, civil rights (from the 60s and before), south african songs and many more PLUS it has the Jenkins 'Armed Man Mass' - which is in no way a traditional mass and it is very emotionally confronting in some movements. All in all, it's not a concert for you to sit back comfortably and listen to pretty noises.

Sunday we went up to Aberglasslyn to see a display house. It's high on our list of possibilities and isn't on display in Sydney. [personal profile] electricant and [profile] i_ate_my_crusts came along for the ride and were very patient with our looking through houses. After that we set the iPhone to take us to Pokolbin to see what we might find in the way of interesting eating places. It took us through some small country roads (I have no idea whether that was really the best way to get from where we were to Pokolbin) and, on a small country road, we saw a sign out for a restaurant that seemed to indicate it was open even though it was about 2.30. We lucked out! I can recommend the Major's Lane Restaurant. I had the quail starter (Preserved lemon roasted Nulkaba quail, walnut,almond, parsley and merlot verjus pesto) and the duck (Glaze roasted duck breast, confit duck and potato galette, caramelised witlof, corella pear and rocket) for main course. Both were excellent and I tasted Styvyn's fillet steak and it was also mouth-watering. In fact, all the food looked good - at our table there was also barbecued ocean trout (which had severely tempted me before I settled on the duck) and salt and vinegar grilled pork loin cutlet. I might write more about this in Elysant's kitchen.

While we were at the restaurant, the weather closed in and we were treated to a tremendous rainstorm. We were outside, but under a huge pavilion, so we didn't really get wet though it got a little chilly. Eventually, the storm passed and we decided it was time to head back to Sydney.
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Having ditched the old and crappy combo stereo thing that I bought when my even older component system started to fray and I didn't have money to ugrade, we've been reduced to listening to our music through the TV. This is not ideal. In fact our tests (we being Choice in this instance) show that the sound on most digital tvs is not good. Anyway, over the weekend we bought a new AV receiver with all the connections we're likely to want for a long time. So it's this one. We hooked it up to my now very old but originally quite good speakers and the sound quality is so much better. .

Now we just need to save up for new speakers and a good DVD player. I doubt that we'll go for the full 7.1 speakers in our small and far from ideal setup, but certainly new front speakers and a subwoofer.
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Of technology. Sitting at chocolate shop sipping my coffee after a very pleasant walk along the riverside but still able to update my lj & listen to my music.

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I found this amusing on so many levels. Hope that you do too.
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Last night I did an audition for chamber group in the choir. Why does this make me happy – because it actually went quite well. Usually I get very nervous – really.very.stupidly.nervous!

When I get that nervous, strange things happen to my ability to process sound. I can hear, I just can’t process very quickly. Not just music. When I gave my first talk at a conference (in front of people who had written the textbooks) I was so nervous, I actually processed about one word in four. It’s a good thing that it was a different part of the brain that was doing the speaking (they asked reasonable questions, so I think they understood what I was saying) but the lack of feedback made things very difficult.

Same thing usually happens when I audition but then I really need the auditory feedback!

Somewhere in the last couple of years I’ve reduced the nervousness to something manageable. Not completely sure how, but I think it must be a combination of learning the harp (better processing skill, perhaps) and getting a small singing group together last year which put me in a relatively exposed situation without quite the nervousness of a ‘test’.

This isn’t to say that it was a totally brilliant audition, but a much better reflection of my singing abilities than previous ones. And I don’t harbour any delusions of being a diva.


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