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Firstly, Happy New Year to all!

Christmas was mainly good. One week in Canberra visiting my parents and catching up with a few people. Then home to spend time preparing for the New Year's Eve party. This went well - we had a fairy grotto and all, and the weather was kind and pretty perfect for the evening, though the next day was pretty hot. The following week I was still on holiday and caught up with things around the house and generally took things easy - isn't that what a holiday is for? More on all these things in another post or two.

Now I'm back at work. While I was on holiday, a large portion of the people - including me - were moved to temporarily to another part of the building while renovations are being done. I had managed to pack most stuff before I left and only had to go in search of a couple of extra items. The initial chaos of about 30 people at new workstations was over relatively quickly - I had internet access about 30 minutes after I got in - it would have been sooner if the removalists had actually brought the ethernet cable with the computer. And our new VoIP phones are quite snazzy.

I've been more or less avoiding the internet over the last few weeks - part of the whole relaxing thing. However, it's probably time to get back into it again before the mountain of email threatens to undo all that relaxing. Also, I feel that, having taken the jump to a paid account - at least for a year - that I should make some use of it. So a sorta kinda NY resolution is to post to lj at least once a week for the next year. So expect more about the books I'm reading/have read, my hobbies and projects (if you don't know what they are already, you will by the end of the year :) ), the cat and the world in general.

Talking about NY resolutions - which I don't usually do, but this year they just seem to be forming of their own accord - amongst them:
- practise more on my harp
- get the house organised - at least a little bit
- set up some kind of workshop
oh, and lose a bit of weight. Not to become skin and thinny but to slightly reverse the general upward trend that's taken place over the last few years.


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