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can be your friend. Today I am so much better. I still have a cough, but it's not gurgly and wheezy. My brain has started to work again - and is a bit scared at the amount of work I need to catch up on... so of course, I'm procrastinating by writing this.
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It's nearly a week since I started the antibiotics. I've improved - my voice doesn't always sound like gravel and my throat isn't sandpaper and coughing doesn't feel like razorblades inside my trachea - BUT I've still got a nasty rasping cough and wheezy sounds in the chest at the end of each breath. So I went to the doctor again - especially as I was near the end of the course of antibiotics and didn't think they'd quite done the job. This didn't seem good either for me or for the avoidance of resistant buglies.

Doctor listened to my chest for one cough and one 'ordinary' breath and immediately gave me a prescription for a stronger antibiotic. Here's hoping this works.

I am at work today. Felt like I should as I went to Canberra over the weekend, but now I'm fading a bit and struggling to stay awake.
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But hopefully will be better in a few days. First time I've been to a doctor who wanted to give me more that 2 days off work.

The problem - upper respiratory tract infection leading to sexy low voice and singularly unsexy cough and headache. Water, rest and antibiotics - we haz them!

The cat, on the other hand, is happy to have a human home and providing a lap.


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