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Last Monday Styvyn found a couple of interesting looking jobs in his Seek mail, so he thought he'd apply for them.
On Tuesday both he got called for initial interviews for both of them and had these on Wednesday. Anyway, by Friday he'd been offered one of the jobs. It was, in fact, the one he preferred as it's in Parramatta (10 minutes by train rather than the hour or so that he's got at the moment). Not only was that a quick decision, but they want him to start next Monday!

So, he's accepted the job and handed in his notice at the current one. But it does present us with a problem regarding Festival. He might not be able to get the time off that he was going to have. It may mean that we only go down Friday and return Monday - much truncated from our plans of Wednesday to Tuesday. Also, we'd be taking much less down with us etc. We'll know more this coming Monday when we find out what's actually happening.

Now I have two sets of festival plans to think about.

In other job related stuff. Today my work had an 'Offsite Day' in which all the staff get together and we discuss/workshop/brainstorm on a theme. We've had one each year for the past 4 years. This time the theme was Corporate Social Responsibility. I like that the message that came through was that we have to make sure our own house is in order before we can criticise others (ok, unless they're really shonky). Of course, CSR will always just mean sugar to some of us.

Yes, it's late and I'm not feeling really well. Hope this post makes some kind of sense.


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