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Furrdinand (aka Stupid)
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Another update - this could get to be a habit - or not.

Anyway, here's a photo of the little tom that turned up on our doorstep trying to steal some of Errol's food. Obviously, we had to start feeding him as he was skinny and told us he was positively starving! as he didn't look completely grotty, we thought that he might have a home somewhere, so we put a collar and tag on with my mobile number and asking if we were feeding their cat. Turned out we were and I had a chat to the person who had never had a cat before and wasn't aware of the need to get them desexed, vaccinated etc but said she'd do it. Oh, they didn't buy him, so it's not that a seller was negligent. They just started to feed him when he came mooching around.

Stupid kept tuning up on our doorstep and, one day with a hurt paw - and still not desexed. With the paw, we felt a rip to the vet was getting urgent, so I called the lady again. Turns out he hadn't gone home from about the day she rang - possibly partly due to the paw, but maybe because we were feeding him sufficiently. He's the feline equivalent of an 18 year old boy and is thus a pretty bottomless pit - hence the reason we called him Furrdinand the ferociously famished!

Anyway,after one lacerating incident (S, not me) we eventually got him to the vet. We had to lure him into a trap normally used for feral cats, but it went alright from there. He's now desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and deflead (ok, we did the last bit ourselves very early on).

He's very friendly and we're currently going through the joy of getting two cats to coexist. I actually think that Stupid wants Errol to be his mother. Errol's not sure what to make of it all. There have been no fights, but a lot of jealousy - mainly on Errol's part.

Now I guess I need to contact the lady who first started feeding him. He seems to have settled here and we'd like to keep him - and they haven't been anxious enough to call and enquire about him - but still.


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