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This is a very belated post seeing we went to see Kosky's Poppea a coule of weeks ago and it's finished its Sydney season now. Still, here's a review of sorts.

I went to it knowing that it took Monteverdi's music and morphed it and mixed in some Cole Porter. The Monteverdi was translated into German and reorchestrated while the Porter was still in English but rearranged slightly. The overall effect was somewhat German cabaret pre WW2 which quite suited the mood of the play/opera. It took me till the 2nd half to appreciate it as much as it deserved as it took me about that long to come to terms with it in its own right as opposed to the opera.

Really very well done but a bit confronting fir some of the audience though it did get very enthusiastic applausecfrom most of us (but not the lady next to me who didn't applaud at all).

After went to dinner at the Oyster Bar. It was a lovely evening and we sat outside watching the lights, the ferries and the water.

Food was also excellent.

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Of technology. Sitting at chocolate shop sipping my coffee after a very pleasant walk along the riverside but still able to update my lj & listen to my music.

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Posting via phone.

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