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elissande ([personal profile] elissande) wrote2010-02-18 12:42 pm
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Things are happening - slowly

Actually, not really that slowly, it's just that I'm impatient.

We had the surveyors and engineers call to make sure they could have access to the site without worrying about vicious dogs or locked gates. I reassured them that our cats were more likely to watch interestedly from a distance than attack with extreme prejudice and that the gates would present no difficulty for anyone with the use of thumbs.

In addition, we had the letter from the builder with questions to help fill out the Basix form and asking what bricks and tiles we wanted (which also goes into the Basix assessment). So, this weekend we go look at bricks and tiles. We were going to go last weekend, but various other commitments interfered - we decided we needed more than 10 minutes to examine, discuss, examine and discuss and finally make a decision on these.

Shortly after all the information is in, we should get the final plans for approval or alteration and then it's all going to be up to the council. Somewhere along the way, we should probably talk to our neighbours as well.

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