Jan. 19th, 2010

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Well, we sorted out all the changes we wanted and then headed off to see the builders on Sunday with, we thought, all the necessary information. We were almost right. We had quite a productive chat and then found out that we needed not just the Lot number and DP number but also the DP map. I had not the slightest idea what a DP map was. Truth to tell, I didn't even know what a DP number was either, but I knew what number it was because I rang up the council and asked them.

The nice lady said that, if we could get a copy of the map to here before midday the next day, she could still get quote information organised from their side this week -otherwise it would be next week.

Sooo, initial plan was to get up early on Monday so S, who works in Parramatta, could get the DP map from the council who presumably had them as they had the number. Of course, we managed not to get up early - well, not early enough anyway. However, we did have technology on our side. S rang council. They, it turns out, do not have the DP maps. Those are lodged and kept with the NSW Dept of Lands. Time for another quick phone call. Yes, they do have them and you can buy it online for a mere $11. So we did. It was sent to us by email and I forwarded it on to the builder when I got to work.

This morning there was a knock on the door and a man from the builder was there to do the preliminary site inspection! Wheee! It they're that efficient all the way through the process, I'll be a very happy person.

What is a DP plan? Well, it's the Deposited Plan of a subdivision. It has all the survey information on it for you block and a few surrounding blocks.

I've also decided to do something towards the process every day. Just to ease my stress levels by having the feeling that things are happening. So today I rang a demolition company and requested a quote. Should get that sometime this week.

And an update on council requirements. I had sent off an email to the council last week asking where to find certain information. I finally got a reply which says that all their development applications are assessed under the new SEPP (State Environmental Protection Plan) and, assuming that it complies, we may not need to get that extra 30 cm. However, still working my way through various requirements.


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