Sep. 20th, 2010

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Having found a rental house as previously described, we have been organising the move. S took last week off and moved a lot of stuff in the van. Unfortunately, the van spat the dummy a couple of times, with the mechanic finally deciding it was an undiagnosed, intermittent fault in the EFI system. I interpret that as 'we have no idea but we don't think it's anything to do with us, go and talk to someone electrically minded.'

Still, a lot of stuff did get moved. And we'd organised movers to come an move the big/awkward/heavy stuff on Saturday morning. They were supposed to turn up at 8 am but didn't. They rang at about 7:45 and said they'd be late - finally got to us about 10 - about the time we were hoping they'd be finished.

We had friends ([profile] little_foxy, X, [profile] tatianiska and D) turn up to help us pack up and to keep our sanity. Thanks guys, really, really appreciated!

While the movers were moving stuff, mostly we just kept out of their way. Not watching them try and fit furniture through narrow openings is the way to go. Still, it looks like everything arrived in the new place undamaged. Now we just have to sort and pack and find the vital stuff currently missing - like my music for tonight's rehearsal.

The cats were moved after they re-emerged from wherever they'd been while all the commotion was happening. Stupid first as he came out first and then Rerrol. We kept them inside for over 24 hours. They both ended up deciding that the best place to hide from the world was under the folded up futon base in my study (which is, of course, also full of boxen... and stuff). In fact they spent most of Saturday night curled up only a few inches from each other. :) Last night they actually went outside for a bit and came back in again after a while, so I think they'll be fine.

On the new house front, Council has given approval for the development, so now things are starting to happen. First we remove the trees that have to be removed, then the demolishers can come in and do their thing. Finally, the house building can start.

It's not all quite that straightforward, of course, there are some requirements included in the approval, but most of them are included in the demolition or building quote. At least it feels like things are happening and that we didn't move into the rental house while we still had months to wait.

Am now completely exhausted and all my muscles are sore. I'll get better. :)


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