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Last Tuesday morning we had an appointment with the colour consultant for the house. This is where you get t choose most of the colours that you're going to have to live with for a while. And make any last minute adjustments. The timing wasn't great, but at least the catheter was out and I was able to get out a bit. I was a bit concerned that we might have to change the appointment due to my medical interlude, but we managed.

So, we'd already chosen the brick, the roof tile, the gutter and downpipe colours. These had to be chosen for the Basix assessment. We also thought that we'd chosen the garage door colour, but it turned out that the colour we'd chosen was discontinued, so we had to do that again. I suspect I like the new colour better anyway.

Then we started on the inside. Mainly kitchen, bathroom and such like. And the overall colour for the inside of the house. In many ways it was fun, but it's difficult to try and keep imagining the small samples over large areas, and whether it will go with other colours you've chosen for the same room. And it's not as if any of them can't be changed if we realise, once we move in, that we've made a big mistake. And then, it's amazing what you can live with. I've lived with a pink bathroom for over 20 years - even though it was very high on my list of things to change when I bought the house.

We upgraded a few things from the very basic inclusion package we'd opted for. We live in Sydney, deadbolts are a necessity, not a luxury. Also, a slightly more upmarket front door that would let in a bit more light.

I'm pretty comfortable with most of the decisions that we made. There are one or two that will either look great - in which case we are awesome - or will look spectacularly awful - in which case we are not so awesome. :)

In other news, the development application has so far been going through council without problems. Deadline for public comment was last Wednesday, and there doesn't seem to be any, so now it's under assessment and we may know in under 2 weeks.


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