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I know it's only just begun, but it seems that all my time this month is pretty much spoken for.
Last weekend we went down to Yass to see what we could clean up/salvage from our camp area at the old Festival site. The site was beautifully green, but that didn't make the star pickets any easier to extract. That evening visiting my parents and then home on Sunday afternoon.

The power went off just as we were preparing dinner, so we had a fairly unsatisfactory meal at City Extra.

Now for the rest of October - This week: Canton meeting Wednesday, rehearsal Thursday, Bead and Gem show Friday - followed by heading up to the Galileo's Gazing event where we'll be till Sunday morning.
- Next week: Monday - rehearsal, Wednesday - Stowe Tourney, Thursday - probably another rehearsal (the price of being in the chamber group is extra rehearsals) - Friday - Dancing Cooks and also X and [livejournal.com profile] little_foxy come to stay so we can all spend that weekend fixing the termite damaged walls in the house - there's also a rehearsal scheduled for the Saturday and a 21st on the Saturday night.
- The week after - Monday and Thursday - rehearsals, Friday - dinner with some friends, Saturday - rehearsal in the morning, concert that night, Sunday - collapse in a heap.
Somewhere in there, I've also got to finish Writing on the Wowld, finish the layout of Australian Physics when the editor gets back to me with changes, buy a sofa and probably other stuff I've forgotten.
Is there an extra weekend someone could lend me? I promise I'll give it back in a couple of months. :)

Ok, looking at this, I've decided that I must be barking mad. Woof!


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