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So, of course, it has to be a house update as much has happened since the old house was demolished. First, there was just flattish ground, then there was cut and fill so the ground the house was going to be on was not only flat but also level.

After that the piering and the slab went down pretty quickly.

However, that happened not long before Christmas and so there was a break of about a monnth before anything else happened. Then one day we drove past and behold! There was timber. Frame these days is modular, so it went up pretty quickly, so it wan not long before we had this.

And by early February we had


Then there was another break, but the bricks began to arrive last week and they are now about head high on most external walls and the scaffolding arrived today, so hopefully we will have external walls by the end of the week!

There are, of course, a lot more photos and if you want to see more, check out elissande's Flickr photostream.

Of course, we've done many other things regarding the house since then - most of which have meant cost increases, but what the hell! Firstly, they (the builders) mentioned in passing that as the plans had passed Basix and NatHers without having sarking in the roof, that, in fact, there wouldn't be sarking in the roof. Considering that the sarking helps with the insulation and also slowing down any leaks in the roof, we decided to have it put in anyway.

We've also looked at and discussed the electrical plans with the company that will be doing the electricals. Of course, we wanted more power points, data cabling to both studies, extra external circuits and extra circuits for the airconditioning. We also specified the type of sensor we want in the smoke alarm and that we wanted an extra smoke alarm. Did I mention more money?

The day after we did the electrical discussion, we sallied forth to choose our tiles. Now, in the building contract, there is an allowance for tiles in all the wet areas which, apparently, doesn't include the kitchen. However, the allowance does restrict the tiles that you can choose. We were very good and only went over budget for the ensuite and the front balcony. But still, did I mention more money? While we were there, we did choose the kitchen tiles and some times for the entry.

I think that just about brings things up to date in the house construction department!
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