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Way back in January, there were a few 'resolutions' that I mentioned. I thought now was the time to revisit to see how they're progressing.

I think it's quite obvious that the one about posting more often isn't really happening. Only one post between posting the resolution and now. Ok, some improvement still required there.

The others are progressing a bit better. The harp practice was interrupted by very hot weather (over 40 degrees Celsius) we had a few weeks ago. Four strings broke in the space of a week. Unfortunately, all strings that get played often, so I couldn't continue regardless and it takes a while before I can get new strings. However, I've now restrung the harp and once the new strings have settled, I can get back to practice. Well, I could practice before that, but it's painful when some strings are slowly going flat while you're playing.

Organising the house is also happening - albeit slowly. Some things have been moved into external storage, some things thrown away and others just better organised. There's still a level of just moving things from one room to the other depending on where the space is required.

Setting up a workshop... well, that really requires money to do in any meaningful way considering the fact that the inside of the house is already too crowded. But we have plans - lots of them depending on how much money we can scrape together later in the year.

And the losing weight is a happening thing too. Not very fast - about 3 kg since the beginning of the year, but that has at least brought me down below my pre-Christmas weight - and made some of my clothes a bit more comfortable. I think I'm happy to keep losing it at this rate rather than more quickly - even though it's likely to take the better part of a year to reach my goal weight.

So, all-in-all, not too bad going on the resolution front. I'll assess progress again in another couple of months to see how things are going.


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