Jul. 21st, 2010

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Ok, so I came home on Saturday with a catheter and an external bladder for the next couple of weeks. This is so the hole in my real bladder can heal itself without too much pressure being put on it.

However, a catheter, as it turns out, is not a very comfortable thing and, being a foreign object, your body wants to reject it. This causes your body to give you some very strange signals and often uncomfortable signals. To make matters worse, this morning there was quite a lot of blood in the external bladder. So - another trip to hospital.

Turns out that it wasn't out of the expected range (would have been nice if they'd told me to expect it) and that there were ways of making it a bit less uncomfortable (which it also would have been nice if they had told me).

So, appendectomy itself is healing well and I'm feeling well aside from the problems above. Unfortunately, movement is also somewhat limited by the above and that bending down to pick up or put something down on the floor (such as the cats' food) is still a mite uncomfortable.

Counting the days - only 12 to go!


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