Feb. 9th, 2010

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Ok, we've officially accepted the tender for the house. Now to wait for the site survey and final plans. This weekend, we're going to look at bricks. Exciting, eh? Oh, and roof tiles.

In other news - hmm, there isn't much as a lot of our energy is taken up in thinking about the house, packing - ie when to - demolition. tree removal and so on. Festival is starting to figure into things as well. It looks like we'll have time to do Festival and then worry about looking for a rental and moving.
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I should mention that choir has started again. We're doing the Schubert 'Mass in G' and Mozart 'Coronation Mass'. Both works I've not sung before so that is a plus. There are a few other smaller pieces in there as well. We have our new conductor this year - we've been trying out conductors for 18 months or so. Pretty much all of them were good. Choosing was made a bit easier for the committee by some of them taking up other positions or being otherwise unavailable.

We also got the CDs of the last concert. Damn good. A couple of uncertain entries, but not many and the Jenkins is really powerful. Sarah (the conductor of that concert) did a great job with the diction. I think the words are as clear as I've heard any large choir sing - and better than a lot of smaller choirs as well.

Of course, SCA is in full swing again as well. Somehow, I don't think I'll get any sewing done before Festival. Well, last year's garb is still wearable, and there was almost enough to last for the whole time. :)


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